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Oulun Kärppien CHL:n alkulohko kaudella 2018-2019:

Rouen Dragons (RANSKA)


Rouen has one of the best track records in French hockey, both domestically and internationally. Rouen Hockey Elite 76 have 15 wins in Ligue Magnus, 6 French Cups, 4 League Cups and 2 Continental Cup wins, most recently in 2018.That win gives their a second appearance in the Champions Hockey League. They also took part in the 2016/17 season, after winning the Continental Cup earlier in the year. While they lost on the road, the Dragons took a point in both of their home games - forcing Djurgårdens IF and HC Davos both to overtime.The Dragons are known for more than just their titles. The club has created social and educational projects in Rouen, especially with the establishment of "The Dragons bring you back home" - an association that accompanies people who are not able to drive safely their car - as well is their own training centre and a school for the development of young hockey players in the world of professional sports while managing their academic studies.

Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers (SAKSA)


Founded in 1995, the THOMAS SABO Ice Tigers have played in Germany's top flight, the DEL, since they began.In their early years the Ice Tigers needed to avoid relegation in both 1997 and 2000, but since then have made the playoffs in all bar one of the following seasons.The Ice Tigers have gone out in the DEL playoff Quarter-Finals an unbelievable 13 times since 2001, however in the past three seasons were beaten Semi-Finalists. They have made the Finals just twice, in 1999 and 2007, but have never lifted the Championship trophy.The team plays its home games at the ARENA NÜRNBERGER Versicherung which, built in 2001, has a capacity for just over 7,600 spectators.Cult players at the team include Yan Stastny, Jame Pollock, and Steven Reinprecht who retired after the 2017/18 season.

Mountfield HK (TSEKKI)


Senior hockey in Hradec Kralove dates back to 1925, with one season in the top flight for HC Královští lvi Hradec Králové in 1993/1994. Mountfield HK made their Extraliga debut in 2012/13, after Mountfield, who owned the license to compete in the league, moved the team from České Budějovice and merged them with Královští lvi.Since the move to Hradec Kralove, the team has averaged around 5,000 people at their home games, and built up an East-Bohemian rivalry with Dynamo Pardubice, as the cities are just 19 km apart from each other.After three straight seasons ending in Quarter-Final losses, Mountfield HK got through to the Semi-Finals in 2017 before their playoff journey ended in a 6-game defeat to Kometa Brno. In 2018 they again made the Semi-Finals, but this time were again eliminated in six games, this time by Oceláři Třinec. The team were invited to take part the prestigious Spengler Cup last season, getting to the Quarter-Finals.Some off-season changes at the team have seen a new head Coach installed in Tomáš Martinec. An Assistant Coach for several years, Martinec was also Head of Player Development at the team. On-ice leader Jaroslav Bednář has also retired and moved 'upstairs' to take on a new role as Sport Director.

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